Diana Jean Oliphant

"Perseverance" is a study of evergreen trees and their beauty. Having lived most of my life in the Pacific North West, I've long been inspired by the strength and resilience of these majestic creatures. 

Poised spray paint, india ink 24"x24" 2015

spray paint, micron 8"x8" framed, 2015

Soldiers Under the Big Sky 

spray paint, india ink 30"x40" 2015

spray paint, micron 8"x8" framed  2015 

For Here, For Now 
spray paint, ink, on canvas 12"x12" 

spray paint, micron 8"x8" framed, 2015

spray paint, micron 12"x12" framed 2015 

spray paint, ink, acrylic 20"x18" 2015

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