Diana Jean Oliphant



I am an artist, in all that I do. My preferred medium is mixed media painting, however I have worked professionally as a model, actress, wardrobe stylist, make-up artist, hair stylist, production manager, and assistant director for the last seven years. When I am not the director of a concept, I see my role as a tool in the directors vision; a brush to their canvas. (I'm a team player and super easy to work with.)

I have studied and practiced art making since I could hold a paint brush. I'm not kidding, my first framed landscape I painted at 4 years old. I took painting, choir, theater, diving, and played the flute growing up. And my dad was a commercial photographer... so I was usually a photo assistant, and sometimes a model. I was privileged enough to travel to Europe several times, we went to allllll the museums. St. Peter's Basilica blew my mind as a 4th grader. In high school I took classes at Gage Academy of Fine Art, while also taking a full load of International Baccalaureate classes, including higher level Art, English, and French. I also won all kinds of awards in Speech & Debate. Before college, I did a work study program at The Victoria & Albert Museum, in Sculpture, and Fine Metals departments. At The Evergreen State College I studied consciousness, PNW art history, Native American history, colonialism, capitalism, feminism, modernism, post modernism, environmentalism, nutrition, pre/post natal neurological development & care, intaglio, lithography, wood block printing, figure drawing, and clay sculpture, amongst other things. Since I graduated college (a year early I might add), I've been painting a lot, modeling for photographers, painters, and sculptors, acting in films, commercials, and music videos, and teaching the mediums of my artistry. I am interested in the human condition, and captivated by most aspects of human life.

All of these life experiences make me an excellent artist - in all mediums I choose to engage in.

I have added Huntress Media to my repertoire of talents, and am able to offer content creation and social media management. 

Emily Eddy 

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