Diana Jean Oliphant

"Reflections" is a meditation on self and de-compartmentalization. For many years I perceived my modeling as necessarily separate from my work as a painter. This series breaks down those barriers and explores the relationship between being an art model, and a painter. All the figures are painted from photographs other artists have taken of me. To paint myself from another’s perspective has helped me grow as person and an artist.

Peaceful Recline 

Acrylic spray paint & oil paint on canvas



Centered  Spray paint, India Ink, acrylic paint, conte, micron  36"x30"


Balanced Spray paint, India Ink, conte, micron 38"x28"  2014

Basking Spray Paint, Acrylic Paint, & India Ink 30"x30" 


Dreaming Spray paint, acrylic paint, & calligraphy ink  20"x24"  2015

Question Spray paint, acrylic paint, ink, micron pen 30"x40"


Reaching Spray paint, India Ink, conte, micron 36"x36"


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