Diana Jean Oliphant

“The Landscape Revisited” explores the tumultuous relationship between civilization and the natural world. Facing global climate change, I paint the catastrophes and anxieties associated. 

Forest Close Up

Reeves BFK and spray paint mounted to stretched canvas



Taos, NM spray paint, reeves bfk, glue 30"x40" $2300 2012

Forest Post Hurricane

Reeves BFK, and spray paint mounted to stretched canvas



Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Spray Paint, India Ink, and Strathmore Watercolor Paper 36"x24"


The Planet is Not Going to be Saved by Recycling. Spray Paint, India Ink, and Ceramic Stucco 20"x20" 2010

Forest Before and After Forestry Spray Paint, Stonehenge Paper, Ceramic Stucco, and Matte Mod Pog 36"x36" 2010

Reformation for Reforestation Spray Paint and India Ink 48"x30" 2009

Re-Forest Strathmore Watercolor Paper and Spray Paint 16"x20" 2009

Hurricane Spray Paint and Arches Cover Stock 48"x30" 2010

We Don't Have Time Left to Spare to Not Care Spray Paint, Ceramic Stucco, Strathmore Watercolor Paper, Mod Podge 16"  2009 

Revenge Spray Paint and India Ink 24"x30"  2009

Waldo Canyon Fire Spray Paint, India Ink, Arches Cover Stock, Acrylic Paint, Glue, and Mod Podge 30"x40" 2012

Perseverance spray paint and conte, 36"x24" 2009 

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