Diana Jean Oliphant


I am an artist, in all that I do. 

Maybe that sounds pretentious but I have lived my life as an artist since graduating college in 2010.  I have studied and practiced art making since I could hold a paint brush. I'm not kidding, my first framed landscape I painted at 4 years old. My dad was a commercial photographer... so I grew up a photo assistant, and sometimes a model. I did a work study program at The Victoria & Albert Museum, in Sculpture, and Fine Metals departments. At The Evergreen State College I studied Fine Art and Sociology. I have spent the last 10 years working as talent, often in charge of wardrobe styling, hair/makeup, and location scouting.  

I intertwined working as a model, with becoming a photographer by photographing my model friends and brands I have worked with over the years.  More recently I have done a lot of wardrobe styling, and would love to do more!  I love working on sets and collaborating with other artists. 

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