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#35. Portraits on white

$120.00 USD

This portrait set includes portraits of me (Diana) and my boyfriend! There are 3 different looks for him: a fur coat, white lace collar, and a black feather boa and 5 looks for me: red gloves/red lipstick, a fur hat, a long red wig, fur collar, and pearls. In total there are 487 fun portraits for you to draw/paint. 

I'm limited to 5 photo samples here but if you would like to see more photos please send me an email and I'll be happy to send you some.  You also have two options to choose half of the photos or the whole set. 

Once you make your purchase I'll be notified, and will send you a link with the photos for you to download.  Because the file size is so large, I can't upload it here, to my site, to make it downloadable for you. I can usually send the file within a few hours of the purchase (if not sooner), but I guarantee I will send you the photos within 24 hours of receiving payment. 

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