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#20. The underwater reference pack

$65.00 USD

This set is 533 photos, and they vary a lot. Most of them are nude, some of them are with a piece of fabric, some of them have bubbles in the frame, there are odd poses, elegant poses and some that look like I'm falling. Some of the photos are a little fuzzy (it's hard to focus underwater), and some of them are crisp.  If you'd like to pay a bit less for the reference pack, or maybe you just want some of the photos to draw, subscribe to my patreon!  I have tiers at $6 for a handful of photos a month, $25 for 25+ photos a month, and $50 for the full set. 

I can't upload the set here on my site because the file size is huge, but I will get an email when you make your purchase, and will send you a wetransfer link with the file. I can usually do this within an hour or so of your purchase, but on rare occasions it may take me 24 hours to get it to you. 

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