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#17. The sculpture set

$65.00 USD

This set is specifically for sculptors. There are 34 different poses, shot from 8 different sides to make sure you get every angle of the pose, totally in 313 photos (some of the poses have 9 shots). I added a stick prop to this set for an added anchor for your sculptures.  Some of the poses, I'm wearing a bra and thong, so I can post them on social media, but the majority of the poses I am nude. You can buy the full size set or half size for half the price!

I cannot upload the set here, on my site, because the file size is huge, but I will get an email when you make your purchase, and will send you a wetransfer link with the file. I can usually do this within an hour or so of your purchase, but on rare occasions it may take me 24 hours to get it to you. 

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