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Portraits #5, #12, #13, #14, & #21

$120.00 USD

The #5 portrait pack has two different lighting set ups, the 3/4 light in the example photo and then soft sunlight. Both different lighting scenarios include topless photos, me in a ruffle collar, and a white lace top (pictured). There are 307 high resolution photos. 

The #14 set includes ten different "looks" - two different glasses, some simple "nudes" with long extensions, and then my normal hair, long extensions hair with my Russian fur hat, some with just the Russian hat and a corset top, a sweater that has some really nice texture, a veil, a vintage ruffley robe, and a nude top with layers of pearls. All in all the dark portrait set is 359. 

The #13 set is 468 high resolution photos. It includes ten different "looks" - two different types of glasses, a fun clownish looking collar, a sheer blue bra with stars on it, a green velvet Swiss hunting hat and corset, a sheer blue shirt with puff sleeves and a bow around the collar, topless with a vintage french military hat, a nude top with lots of pearl necklaces, extension hair by itself, and then extension hair with the Russian fur hat.

Set number #12 is the emotions set. I like to think I'm pretty good at making faces, and in this reference pack I prove it! This is 124 high resolution photos with expressions ranging from surprised to distraught to rage. 

Set number #21. Short hair! My hair hasn't been this short in 15 years so it felt appropriate to make a new portrait reference pack showing off my new hair. This set is 262 photos with the 4 different looks: topless, topless with a black hat, my favorite black lace bra, and a fun sheer floral cropped top.

I'm limited to 5 photo samples here so I added a few thumbnails of all the sets, but if you would like to see more photos please send me an email and I'll be happy to send you some. You can also find more details about them on my instagram @Diana_jean_o in the highlight "pics to draw."

Once you make your purchase I'll be notified, and will send you a link with the photos for you to download.  Because the file size is so large, I can't upload it here, to my site, to make it downloadable for you. I can usually send the file within a few hours of the purchase (if not sooner), but I guarantee I will send you the photos within 24 hours of receiving payment. 

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