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Modeling 101 Video

$40.00 USD

This 42 minute video covers all the genres of modeling with some tips on posing for all of them, things not to do when modeling (bad habits), and direction on lighting specifically for reference photos.  This is not an exhausted list of poses but gives direction on what poses are good for different types of modeling, and how to be creative within the specific genre. 

The video is shot in 1080p, and is not created by a video professional. (That person is me, I am not a video professional and have edited like 5 videos in my entire life.)

Get the Modeling 101 PDF to go with the video, it's worth it, I promise. You can purchase the video and PDF together to save a little more. 

After purchasing the video I will email it to you via wetransfer because the file is too large to upload to my store. (The download attached to your purchase is just the photo that says welcome to modeling 101 because the site forces me to make something downloadable for you.)

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