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#22. The Grecian Pack

$120.00 USD

The Grecian is inspired by marble statues. There are photos with me and a vessel, some with me pouring water out of it. The majority of the photos though, are of me in a lightweight cotton gown, wet with water to stick to my skin, creating that beautiful fabric texture you see at museums. It's a total of 306 photos are there are A LOT of beautiful poses to choose from. You can purchase the whole set of photos or half the pack. Or you can subscribe to my patreon for a discount!

I can't upload the set here on my site because the file size is huge, but I will get an email when you make your purchase, and will send you a wetransfer link with the file. I can usually do this within an hour or so of your purchase, but on rare occasions it may take me 24 hours to get it to you.

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